Heather Betts was born and raised in Los Angeles California. She comes from a close knit family who remain happily married. As a young girl, Heather was always quite mischievous and dramatic. She always wanted to be the center of attention. Naturally she found her calling and followed her desire to be in front of the camera as an on air entertainment host. Motivated by her creativity Heather decided to continue her education at Cal State Los Angeles. Here she continued her pursuance of the arts and entertainment field by graduating with her Bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism. While getting her degree, she continued to train her hosting talents through classes and further studies.

Armed with her degree and fierce ambition, Heather has pursued her profession in print, television, radio and the web. Her accomplishments as a print model have been a success. She has been featured in countless magazines and shot well known ad campaigns. She has also had the opportunity to be the spokes model for a number of companies giving her the liberty to travel all over. As a host, Heather has interviewed many well known personalities as well as hosted red carpet events and meaningful charities. She has also made numerous radio appearances being heard by listeners all over.

Aside from Heather’s career in the entertainment industry, she is also a talented jewelry designer and animal activist. Heather spends much of her free time educating people on animals and encourages them to adopt or rescue. She often donates to various reputable animal charities in hopes to help less fortunate animals who may need care or a home. It’s not uncommon for Heather to gather random and stray dogs to help them find a better life. Along with her efforts as an animal advocate, Heather is currently working on her own nonprofit animal organization Pawsitive Models, in hopes to change the way people envision animal wellness. Her organization will also raise money to help animals get the medications, food and accommodations they deserve. Heather’s teacup Yorkie is the inspiration for her passion of furry creatures. Being a pet owner has transposed the way she looks at animals and sees the great emphasis on educating individuals far and wide.

Heather’s nonstop nature has taken her too many levels. Her ambition and creativity has led her to yet another expressive endeavor. She still has found the time to own her highly praised jewelry line, Haute Betts. Heather’s love for the camera always motivated her to be fashion forward and inspired her to have her original style and mark. Thus Haute Betts was born and now being adorned by trend setters and the Hollywood elite. From celebrities to tastemakers, her jewels are much to be adored.
Heather is currently residing in Los Angeles and continues to host, model, design and inspire. She hopes one day to host her own fashion and entertainment show as well as continues to build her brand. She is extremely grateful for the opportunities she has had both professionally and personally.